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A compilation of songs focusing on the traditional Christian sacramental practices. Each song from a different voice and perspective, each forming a piece of a whole.


released March 1, 2019

Album art by: Charity Taylor
Mastered by: Dave Mantel and Broken Light Records
Additional mastering on Baptism by: Drew Lavyne


all rights reserved



Chroma Artist Collective Chicago, Illinois

A DIY collective of artists with hearts to create great art, and foster great community.

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Track Name: Sun Baron - Holy Orders
Jesus had 12 and we’re missing one
Judas is gone and we need some help
Choose one who’s been among us
From the beginning until now
He will become a witness
Of what Jesus has done

We’re only 12 and there’s too much work
So much to do and we need some help
Choose 7 from among us
Full of the Spirit of our God
Who can do these acts of service
Blessing everyone

I’m set apart
Not because of me
But because of you
Oh Holy King

Apostolic succession
Remains unbroken
Presiding over communion
Levites’ reflection

Bishop, Priest, and Deacon
True Ordination
Apostles’ mission
Prayer in action

Lie at the altar
With hands anointed
The people’s pastor
The Word proclaimer

God’s representative
Jesus’ presence
Social Evangelist
The poor’s advocate
Track Name: Evan Kunze - Confirmation
whose hands are these on my back? on my head? on my side?

whose words are these speaking lies or “words of life” on my life?

whose words are these on my tongue?

whose blood is this on my hands?

and I swear I have your eyes
I have your heart

and I swear I had your smile
I had your joy

but if you say that faith without works is dead
then I’m dying

but you say that resurrection comes
and I believe
Track Name: Kevin Schlereth - Anointing of the Sick
Same oil on our heads
Same motivation
Same burdens life and death
Shared destination

The prayer of faith shall heal the sick
Not if your faith is good for it
But by the lamb whose blood was shed
You'll be made well or rise in death

May this oil be a conductor for your grace
May these hands fulfill the reason they were made
The dead shall rise, the lame be healed, the mute shall speak
Track Name: Wind Words - Reconciliation
Behold, the new has come
The past is dead and gone
Light has won

Behold, God with us
Sin and shame have been undone
By the pow'r of love

This glass covering, an allusion made for my flesh and bone to shatter
Under the weight and wasted strength of enduring this endless endeavor
Before the foundations of the earth were laid there was a Way
Struck and crushed for my iniquity, this wayward heart
Yet I digress and the song plays on

The sheepish nature of my folly straining forward could not amount to the cost
Of breathing in heaven's breath for eternal rest's sake
And again I broke and I break with every try and stride I take
Until I'm left alone because I've pushed aside the very ones
Sent to comfort me and teach me along this narrow road
Yet I digress and the song plays on...

My self-sufficiencies are as filthy rags
These insecurities, they will not last
All my enemies, no, they are no match for You

And I saw the Light riding on the winds of the morning, freedom ringing far past the seas
East and West could not calculate the sum of recompense for me
A fire in His eyes, setting straight these crooked lines
The truth for all the lies that have been spoken over me
I can still hear Him singing far above the noise
And the song plays on...

Behold, faith made sight
Brought from death to life
In the arms of Christ
Track Name: Healing Pool - Baptism
Wash me in the water
Cleanse me with the fire
Break down the religion
I've constructed in my mind
Take me down to the water's edge
With my head beneath the waves
Wash me clean of these images I've made you up to be
And In a confluence of mercy and of grace
Pull my head beneath the water
And wash it all away

Rushing Water, cleanse my soul
Burning Fire, make me whole
Now my spirit joyful cries, "You've conquered Death by death!"
'cause I died beneath the water
And You raised me in to life
Track Name: Ian Morley - Marriage
I was in the dark, but you saw me
You knew me, you taught me
All that I could be
You told me all would be well

I was on the shore
But you led me into new waters
Led me through the sea
To the promise of beauty and peace

All I have
All I need
All I am is you

Tearing back the curtain
The dark glass is breaking so we can grow
We look at ourselves
And we see each other at last

Show me how to love like fire
To dust off the old ways
That I should have known from the beginning
But it’s not too late

All I have
All I need
All I am is you

I give you my heart, my future
I lay myself down
To lift up your head, to carry
And be carried still

You give me your hand
You tell me all that we can be
You give me your love
You tell me all will be well

All I have
All I need
All I am is you
Track Name: Laura McElroy - Communion
This body broken for you,
Was given up that He might prove,
That in the name of He Who's Just
The Father gave his only son.
For He alone would ever be enough.

There is life filling this cup,
The bitterest drink turned sweet with love.
And there with His final breath,
He poured redemption out so red.
Paying all his beloved's debt.

This communion bringing us in,
Closer to union with him.
The shadow and mirror speak
Loudly of His great heartbeat.
We celebrate as family.